November 17, 2008

"No Missionaries Were Sent to My People"

I'm sure Meemee had no idea how her story touched my heart yesterday. You know how sometimes you will feel an emotion so strongly that it hurts?! I still hurt!

As a part of our mission conference, we had just watched EE TAOW, the true story of the Mauk tribe in New Guinea which tells how almost the entire tribe was converted at the same time. The emotion of that film never ceases to impact me each time I see it.

After our "international banquet", while a group effort was putting the fellowship hall in good order Meemee asked me why "no missionaries were sent to her people" in Thailand. I was taken back. I personally know several missionaries in Thailand, so how could that be? She explained that she knew missionaries were in the cities of Thailand, but none had gone to her place-- an overnight train ride, plus from Bangkok. I don't know the answer to that question, but it certainly is worth it to me to investigate. After all, it isn't God's will that any should perish!

By the time we were missionaries in the Philippines in the 80's we were privileged to work along side Filipinos who had worked with American missionaries for many years. I can't imagine entering a land and culture who only know the idol worship of Buddha.

When Meemee ran away from her home many, many years ago to escape the very hard work and poverty, she took her Buddhas with her to the city and eventually to the states. She kept them in their own shrine, taking care of them and burning incense until the day she was "born again"-- then threw them away! That trip was certainly orchestrated by God as her people still have not heard the redeeming message of Jesus Christ. She said if they would hear the message of Jesus Christ, like the Mauk people they would believe too!

November 13, 2008

Get Free Books as a Book Reviewer

I love to read so being a book reviewer is a great way to receive newly published books FREE! I just received "Billy"from Thomas Nelson Publisher, read it, wrote a review and now I'm getting a child's book this time. Read my review on my blog by clicking the book cover .

You can be a "Book Review Blogger", too! Check it out here--

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Celebrate Freedom: BILLY: The Untold Story of a Young Billy Graham

BILLY: The Untold Story of a Young Billy Graham

I was intrigued to read the book, Billy as I couldn’t imagine what the "untold story could be"--what more could be told about Billy Graham? After all, much has been written about the most renowned evangelist of our time. Billy is so well written, like a novel, rather than a typical biographical sketch, that it hooked me from the beginning! The intrigue from the onset was created through the unusual friendship and the choices Billy and his long time friend, Evangelist turned atheist, Charles Templeton were both destined to make. Those choices separated them until an unlikely event brought them back together for one final meeting. It's a must read for those who have loved him, those who have felt abandoned by God, those who have questioned that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and even those who have questioned the integrity of Billy Graham!

November 10, 2008

Our President is a Minister for our Good

I don't want this to be a commentary on Romans 13, but it is so clear that regardless of how we feel about those in government, they are "appointed by God" and are "God's ministers for good." So, I am actually excited to see what God is going to do with our new president in the next months!

A lot of folks have said maybe the results of this US presidential election is bringing on the rapture...tribulation...and that is great for me. Of course when the rapture happens we won't be saying "I told you so!"--it will be a done deal and we're immediately in heaven!!

What do you think?

November 2, 2008

Follow the Rules and Vote!!

We're "rule followers" so were quite surprised by the harassment some of our fellow election workers dished out regarding our candidate preferences during the primaries The rule is: "do not discuss (or flash material) your party or candidate preferences inside or anywhere within the 75' perimeter outside the voting area."

Jim and I worked the Arizona primaries a couple of months ago which was a fun day, even though it was a rather long 14 hours! During our training we covered lots of dos and do nots, most of which the general public doesn't know anything about! You know sometimes it's hard to keep your mouth shut in situations like that, but we were afraid we might have misunderstood the guidelines and didn't want to bring any negative attention to ourselves as Christians. (They all found out Jim was a pastor.)

We went to another training last week to learn the updated rules for the general election this Tuesday, and now we know for sure what to do! We will continue to stand by the rules and encourage the others to do the same. I think we can do that without a riot!!

It is hard to follow the rules when others don't! My kids used to tell me over and over again, "But, Mom that's not what everyone else is doing!" and I would counter, "are you a follower or a leader?" or "do you have to follow the crowd?"

In this election and we think it's a big one, we need to just do what's right--follow God's rules, vote for the best choice based on the Bible and let God take care of it! We're praying for it on Monday, how about you?! I'm kind of excited to see what God is going to do!

Question from last week-- What to fix for Sunday lunch?
For years when all the kids were still home, we would often have something that could be cooked in the crock pot (like a beef roast or chicken) while we were in church, then when we got home we just added the trimmings. This Sunday a college student who is staying with us prepared a Mexican lunch for us and I can certainly appreciate someone else's cooking best of all!

Leave your comments with your Sunday tips!

Next Monday--Responses to the election!