April 26, 2009

The Noticer by Andy Andrews—A Book Review

It must be true. I wanted this story to be true. Aren’t all allegories based on truth?! Yes, it is actually based on the remarkable true story of the author, Andy Andrews. The Noticer is one of those books you would like to give all your friends and those who aren’t because it gives hope. The hope that you can change things in your life now, today, given a new perspective and the immediate motivation to begin your life over!

I could not put this book down. It’s a good thing it is only 167 pages because I was driven to finish it in one sitting; to see the next bit of wisdom Jones had to share. Jones, not Mr. Jones, just Jones was a mysterious old man who always appeared at just the right moment to offer wisdom to folks who were on the edge of making bad decisions. Each character was someone we all know facing a challenge we all either need help with to help ourselves or someone else.

This thought provoking story is set in Orange Beach, Alabama, a town filled with people who have marriages on the brink of divorce, homelessness, bankruptcy, and many of the other challenges that we struggle with everyday.

Jones always seems to show up to give folks “a little perspective” that he gets from his gift of noticing things that others miss. The wisdom he shares is profound, but so simple that I wondered why I hadn’t thought about it that way or why I hadn’t been a “noticer” of that perspecitive.

After you read this story you will be compelled to share it, as well, to give hope to someone else.

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