October 13, 2010

Review of Anne Bradstreet by D. B. Kellogg

     Anne Bradstreet has impacted my life!  I’ve read many biographies of many great people, but I identified with Anne, the Puritan more than any other.  The country she helped create is mine and her God is mine as well!  It was quite a shock to realize that I would have chosen to be a Puritan!  They were not what I’d always believed them to be, but were simply a courageous, God fearing people who paved the way for our religious freedom.  Anne Bradstreet was an integral part of the group who fled England to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, who chose to live according to the Word of God.

     Of course Anne’s life was very hard once she landed in America as she moved from place to place, struggling with a lifetime of sickness, tragedies and giving birth to her eight beloved children.  In the midst of it all she was a prolific poet who influenced her world.  Women in the 1600’s were typically NOT writers, nor educated.  One of the last things she wrote with a challenge, “Children do naturally rather follow the failings than the virtues of their predecessors, but I am persuaded better things of you” is one of my favorites.

     This Christian Encounter series biography of Anne Bradstreet can be a comfort and challenge to us all as we read of a Christian woman who recognized her own failings, yet in the midst of it all, humbly raised a family, honored her husband and loved God with all heart, while remaining “above reproach”.

To comply with new regulations introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, I must post that Thomas Nelson has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book to review. I also must say that the opinions are all mine.

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