October 14, 2014

A Book Review of Noah

A Book Review of Noah by Marky Ludy

Noah took dinosaurs on the ark!  I was thrilled to see dinosaurs included in the beautifully illustrated book by Mark Ludy.  It makes sense, though, since the author/illustrator certainly took a non-traditional approach to a wordless retelling of this all important biblical account and so many don’t include dinosaurs in their depictions.  

When I decided to review Noah (A Wordless Picture Book) by Mark Ludy I had no idea that it would take longer to finish than a book with words!  Each page is full of detail that children love and adults will too.  Parents will love sitting down with their children giving details the pictures bring to life and perhaps they hadn’t thought of before.   It can be opened many times and with each telling there will be more to see and tell.  The caricatures of the very real people are so unique they made me smile. 

All the important details of the account including Noah’s direction from God, the building of the ark, the rejection of everyone except Noah’s family, and the flood are there.  The most intriguing point for me personally was the birth of Noah’s children which caused me to look into the scriptures to see when they were actually born.  The author’s interpretation is a different point of view which you must see! Ultimately, I could reimagine the rejection, joy and sorrow of the time and experience the great deluge that God doesn’t want us to forget!  

I received this book from Handlebar in exchange for my honest review.

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