March 31, 2016

God Orders Our Steps...but Some Times It's Hard!

We moved to North Carolina the end of 2014 and really believe God brought us here.  Perhaps we know now one of the reasons why!  

During our 44 years of marriage we've moved many times and all joking aside, I've loved the moves. We have children in Arizona, Colorado, Iowa and North Carolina, scattered as a result of all that moving around!!  The two North Carolina daughters in residence, a son in law and two grandchildren are great reasons to be here. 

Ashley, age 19 leads the pack of our 22 grandchildren and we are very proud of the godly woman she has become.  Ashley has begun to share her story on her own blog and I couldn't possibly share it any better as God is ordering HER steps. Her blog "Between the Detours" is her health journey from her point of view.

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