May 24, 2017

Book Review of Hello Stars by Alena Pitts

Hello Stars

by Alena Pitts

My tween granddaughter!

Considering that I am an adult reader reviewing a tween-age book , I was impressed with the application of life’s lessons from a young author to her own age group.  That’s a lot of insight!  It certainly could be helpful for the tween reader to identify with while loving the story line and grasping the lessons.  

The story is cute with a predictable ending, but maybe not so realistic for many families where money is limited.  That's ok, though; it's fiction, and it isn't a bad thing to be encouraged to "reach for the stars" and trust God for difficult dreams--that's faith!

My granddaughter (pictured) says, "I love it and it is well-written!"

Good job, Author, Alena Pitts! 

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