September 23, 2008

Can't they just get along?

These precious two year olds are just 2 of my 14 grandchildren. They all share a couple of things in common--their "Greenacre" grandparents, of course, and their sin nature! They both have had new siblings added to their family too, but look pretty well adjusted to me!

A few weeks ago we all gathered together for Marc & Tara's last family gathering before they headed to Washington state, to their new ministry, many miles from Arizona! Evie and Makayla had become friends as cousins and church nursery buddies. Close friends to them meant wanting what the other had, not once in a while, but every time there was a change in interest--thus a toy change too. So, to the onlooker they didn't get along. It didn't do any good for us to encourage them to share. That was a foreign concept, but they still love each other... At this age they can forgive, forget and even work together as they are here looking at the candles I put in the fireplace for their enjoyment and mine!

As they get older we hope they remember that character building idea "it is a good thing to share!". Let's hope they see & hear that example in us as well so we can all live together in unity.

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Scott and Beth said...

Aww...both pictures are so cute!