September 30, 2008

What about Kirk Cameron kissing another woman?

As I watched "Fireproof", the movie a few days ago, the thought crossed my mind "I wonder how his wife feels watching him kiss another woman". Guess what?! It was his wife!!! I just listened to the interview on MSNBC with Kirk Cameron. He said he has a personal commitment to his wife and that is not to kiss another woman--not even in acting. So, since his wife was not the actress in the movie they creatively used his wife in the silhouette love scene where they are reconciled with a kiss. What a confirmation to me that marriage is a commitment for life in any area and can be kept no matter what, even for an actor!

Check out the interview for yourself at 'Not So Perfect' Blog.

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Scott and Beth said...

That is sooo cool! What a godly man. Very impressive.