September 23, 2008

“I Don’t Like What He/She Did!"

September 19, 2008 By Denise

“I don’t like what he/she did!”  We all find ourselves at this point.  Depending on the source’s personality, it could be often!  Sometimes we verbalize the thought or frustration and sometimes we internalize it or we hear it.  I hear it as a mother, pastor’s wife, shopper–everywhere.  It just doesn’t seem to make any difference what hat I am wearing!

What if I’m the one receiving the comment?   I’ve decided that I have a choice!  I can jump on the bandwagon at that moment, join in, make my “on the spot comment” or ignore it with a smile.  Now, if you think about it, those spur of the moment comments or retorts can lead us down many paths and it’s usually the path of regret!

I don’t like living with regrets.  The enemy likes to use those to clog my thinking–bringing them to mind at his convenience!  I must deal with it as soon as the Holy Spirit brings it up or it will continue to deal with me!!  I’m so thankful I John 1:9 is there for me. The Bible tells us we are accountable for every word–He makes us accountable.

In fact the Lord has given us lots of admonitions about avoiding slander–it’s an abomination to God!  Surely I couldn’t be guilty of that!?  Think about what it is, according to Scripture: whispering, backbiting, evil surmising, tale-bearing, babbling, tattling, evil speaking, defaming, bearing false witness, judging uncharitably, raising false reports, repeating matters and the list goes on.

I’m convicted, once again, just reading the list.  Especially since I know that if it goes on it can separate friends, cause deadly wounds, strife, discord among brethern and even murder.  I’ve thought that not responding in the past would seem rude, but after thinking on these things I’m convinced a smile with a change of subject or an excuse to move on is much better than disappointing my Saviour.

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