October 30, 2008

Have You Felt Condemned?

I was working on our church bulletin looking through the many options for inserts when I read this poem. I was an English major, but the only poetry I ever really enjoyed was written by child #8. This one so encouraged and lifted my spirits today I was compelled to share it!

The Record Book

If all the things you ever said,
Were written in a book:
And all your thoughts were on display,
So all could take a look;
I guess there’s not a living soul,
Who wouldn’t hang his head;
And feel ashamed before the Lord
And wish that he were dead.

There is a record book I’m told,
With every deed and word;
It even keeps the records of---
Our thought that can’t be heard;
The good, the bad and every sin,
For nothing has been missed;
It really makes me feel ashamed,
To think what’s on my list.

And yet the pages of my past,
Shall never condemn me;
For Jesus nailed them to His cross,
One day at Calvary;
And now I stand in Him complete,
Redeemed from sin and strife;
And with His blood He wrote my name,
Down in the book of life.
---Author Unknown

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