October 22, 2008

My Heaven--not yours, but mine!

Lately, I've been known to say frequently "heaven sounds really good right now" or "this would be a great time to be raptured".

Our youngest daughter was sharing with me yesterday their topic of discussion in one of her classes in college. Her professor allowed each student to share what his or her heaven would be like. I hadn't thought of it before in that light! MY heaven?

Without a lot of thought.... What's "MY HEAVEN"? Sitting in my comfey lounge chair in a field of wild flowers organizing genealogy or writing, inhaling the aromatic fragrances of the flowers blowing in the endless fields that surround me. Certainly that would work for me today.... but next Wednesday maybe I'll think that a quiet day is out of the question and heaven is being surrounded by family and friends who've been a part of my earthly life. It certainly brightened my day to think about "my heaven."

We all have our ideas of what heaven is like--we will know some day if we indeed are His children who have repented of our sin, accepted Him and His sacrifice for us.

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1 comment:

DidiLyn said...

That is a great question to ponder and as we are supposed to keep our eyes on what is ahead...time well spent.
Loved this.