October 15, 2008

What Can a 4 year old tell his grandparents about politics?

I thought it was a joke when this cute, ordinary grandson was filmed by his mother espousing the virtues of a McCain/Palin ticket! Then we spent a few days with him and his family last week. Of course Fox News is periodically (maybe more than that) in his earshot, and he does say the words, "Fox News fair and balanced" a little more than normal, but maybe that's not too unusual nowadays!

Anyway, we came home with all of these little phrases in our minds like, "Don't vote Obama, vote McCain" and then adamantly he adds twice for emphasis, "Vote! you have to Vote!" We got the point and it works for me!

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Rebeckah said...

I thought she didn't want politics as topics? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. He is pretty cute. No matter who he supports. God bless.

Gillie said...

Cute kid :) They do pick up on everything we do and say, don't they? If he wants us to vote, I guess we'd better do it, huh?